Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen with this terms rehearsals?

We are following advice from Brass Band England. Currently we are planning for rehearsals to be in small groups of 6 until we are able to meet in larger groups.

What kind of socials do you do?

We have a large range of socials so that everyone can get involved. We have regular games nights after rehearsals, three-legged bar crawls, film nights and after each week we go to the Vanbrugh JCR for a chill after rehearsal. This term we will also be doing virtual socials such as escape rooms online and quiz nights via zoom, so that everyone can get involved. The initial socials will include small group socials, so you have a chance to meet the rest of the band, even if we can’t all meet together.

What standard do I need to be to join brass band?

We welcome people of all abilities to come and try brass band out. We also send out music so you have chance to practice at home.

What instruments can join Brass Band?

We welcome anyone who plays a traditional brass band instrument (cornet, tenor horn, euphonium, baritone, trombone and tubas), as well as percussion players. If you play a trumpet instead of cornet, you are also able to join. Unfortunately, we cannot take French horn players in the band finding brass band music that covers French horn isn’t possible. If you are a conductor, feel free to sign up and there will be conductor auditions early in term.

What sort of music do you play?

We play a wide variety of pieces. We generally try to have a theme for UniBrass and our concerts, but we also try different pieces throughout the year. We play a lot of marches, film music and concert music, but if you have suggestions of pieces, we are happy to try them!

What contests does the band take part in?

We attend UniBrass each year. UniBrass is the University Brass Band Championship in Great Britain. It is an entertainment contest with two sections. We have previously won awards for this including Most Entertaining and placing 2nd place in 2019. We also participate in the Whit Friday Marches each year – a fun, yearly event, where several villages in Greater Manchester run their own mini competitions for bands that are attended by bands from across the country! It’s a brilliant afternoon, spanning into the evening, of playing, marching and optional drinking.

I’m shielding/don’t feel comfortable playing in a band yet. Can I still join the band?

Yes, this term we will be doing a range of small group and online rehearsals. We will also be doing some virtual recording videos which everyone can get involved in from home. Socials will also include a range of in person and online events, and we can be adaptable to different members’ needs so everyone feels comfortable.