UniBrass and upcoming events

February 25, 2018

The hard work the band put in for UniBrass earned us a very respectable 8th place in the Shield section. Not only that, but two of our band members won individual awards. Congratulations to Owen Russell for winning best student composition for his wonderful arrangement of Holst's 'I Love My Love' and congratulations to Sean for winning best conductor in the Shield section. Last, but not at all least, we must say a big thank you to the UniBrass committee, trustees and volunteers for making the event such a success.

The spring term is now drawing to a close, and with no other events scheduled, we can start looking forward to the summer term. The highlight of the term will be our summer concert, set for 17th June (week 9). UYBB also likes to take part in Whit Friday, however since this falls during the summer exam period this year, we are unsure as to whether we will be performing.
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