The band committee is elected near the end of every academic year and aims to ensure the smooth running of the band. Feel free to speak to anyone in the committee if you have any questions about the band, requests for particular pieces of music to play or just generally to chat.

Prachvith Intarasuwan

The conductor leads the band in rehearsals and concerts and also has the final say on the programme choice for events.

Prachvith is currently studying for an MA in Music Education: instrumental and vocal teaching. He started playing French horn at the age of 14. He enrolled B. Ed. in Music Education at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. His ensemble and conducting interests always shown through his study and performance. As a bachelor student, he has been a part of a university brass ensemble and conducted a variety of brass music. He studied horn with Komsun Dilokkunanant, studied conducting with Pawasut Piriyapongrat and graduated in 2014.
Chairperson Secretary Treasurer
Ross Gubby Hollie Kennerley James Cawdell
The main role of the Chair is to oversee the committee, including organising and chairing the committee meetings, organising events and grant applications and overseeing the band email account. In addition, the chair is the representative of the band at external events. The main role of Secretary is to take and write-up the minutes at the committee meetings. They also send out the weekly band emails and as a signatory position, they sign finance forms and communicate with the treasurer to make sure finances are up-to-date. The Treasurer looks after the band funds and advises the committee on what the band can buy. This includes including collecting fees from band members, repaying members who have bought things for the band and liaising with the YUSU Finance Office.
Librarian Press and Publicity Webmaster
Christian Solberg Johansen Tamsin Timbrell Eleanor Ashworth
The band librarian primarily organises, files, sorts and copies music from the band's extensive music collection for the band and ensures that everyone has the correct parts. They are also responsible for the band music folders, i.e. collecting them and taking them to and from band rehearsals. The press and publicity officer advertises the band around campus and at events in York, using posters and fliers (which they design) and media such as the campus TV screens and local newspapers, while also organising concert tickets and programmes. The role of webmaster is to update and maintain the band website, including posting regular updates to the website news and webpages with the most up to date information as well as maintaining player profiles and dealing with any problems that may arise on the website.
Social Secretary Ordinary Member
Hannah Furnival-Jones and Hazel Matthews Katherine Bradshaw
The social secretaries are the people who organise social events throughout the year, from the big annual events such as Butlins down to the smaller film and game nights. This includes events that traditionally happen every year and great new activities they come up with. The ordinary member is a vital additional voice in committee meetings. The ordinary member is also be in charge of specific tasks such as the ordering of hoodies and buying and distributing refreshments at the end-of-term concerts.