Contests entered by UYBB

The band regularly competes in two major contests. The University Brass Band Championships (UniBrass) is an inter-university brass band entertainment contest, which UYBB has performed at since the contest's inception in 2011. UYBB also takes part in the Whit Friday Brass Band Contests (Whit Friday), where bands perform two marches in different villages around Saddleworth, one marching down to the rostrum and one judged test piece "on the stand".


UniBrass 2019

Conductor: Brandon Fletcher

Windows of the World (Peter Graham)

Result: 2nd Place (Shield Section)

Whit Friday 2018

Conductor: Prachvith Sean Intarasuwan

Test Piece: The Cossack (William Rimmer)

Location Position
Delph 71th
Friezland 43rd
Greenfield 63rd
Grotton 44th
Lydgate 66th
Uppermill 50th

UniBrass 2018

Conductor: Prachvith Sean Intarasuwan

Jurassic Park (John Williams arr. Alan Catherall)
Bolivar (Eric Cook)
I Love My Love (Holst arr. Owen Russell)
The Cossack (William Rimmer)

Result: 8th Place (Shield Section)

Whit Friday 2017

Conductor: Ross Gubby

Test Piece: Castell Coch (T.J. Powell)

Location Position
Delph 81st
Friezland 23th
Greenfield 59th
Lydgate 57th
Uppermill 31st

UniBrass 2017

Conductor: Gordon Eddison

When Thunder Calls (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)
All in the April Evening(Hugh S. Robertson arr. Eric Ball)
Down by the Riverslide! (Traditional arr. Darol Barry)
Procession to the Minster (Richard Wagner arr. Howard Snell)

Result: 7th Place (Shield Section)

UniBrass 2016

Conductor: Ross Gubby

Light Cavalry (F. Von Suppe arr. J. Ord Hume)
Bass in the Ballroom (Roy Newsome)
Gresford (Robert Saint)
Cry of the Celts - Victory (Ronan Hardiman arr. Peter Graham)

Result: 15th Place

Whit Friday 2015

Conductor: Ryan Durkan

Test Piece: The Contestor (T.J. Powell)

Location Position
Diggle 60th
Friezland 26th
Greenfield 53rd
Lees 35th
Lydgate 50th

UniBrass 2015

Conductor: Ryan Durkan

Horizons (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)
Napoli (Herman Bellstedt arr. Geoffrey Brand)
Hymn to the Fallen (John Williams arr. Philip Sparke)
All Night Long (Lionel Richie arr. Leigh Baker)

Result: 12th Place

Whit Friday 2014

Conductor: Leo Conroy

Test Piece: The Contestor (T.J. Powell)

Location Position
Delph 66th
Greenfield 25th
Lees 40th
Lydgate 34th
Scouthead 40th

Photo credit: Nick Moody
UniBrass 2014

Conductor: Leo Conroy

Blue Devils (Warmup)-Space Chords (arr Erwin Marionneaux)
The Smile (Matthew Hall)
From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific (Herbert L. Clarke)
Caravan (Duke Ellington arr. Juan Tizol)

Result: 3rd place and most entertaining performance
Whit Friday 2013
Conductor: Leo Conroy

Test Piece: Cornish Cavalier (W. E. Moyle)

Location Position
Delph 74th
Greenacres 41st
Greenfield 43rd
Grotton 47th
Lees/Springhead 26th
Lydgate 39th

UniBrass 2013

Conductor: Leo Conroy

Just A Closer Walk (Traditional, arr. Alan Fernie)
Concorde (Roy Newsome)
Ballerina (Karlick and Bootz arr. Gordon MacKenzie)
Eventide (W. H. Monk arr. Leigh Baker)
The Gael (Dougie MacLean arr. Andrew Duncan)

Result: 3rd Place
Whit Friday 2012

Conductor: Matthew Thomas

Test Piece: Simoraine (Clive Barraclough)

Contest Position
Delph 57th
Greenacres 41st
Greenfield 53rd
Grotton 22nd
Lees 44th
Lydgate 29th
Uppermill 35th

UniBrass 2012

Conductor: Matthew Thomas

Joy, Peace and Happiness (Richard Phillips)
In Perfect Peace (Kenneth Downie)
Simoraine (Clive Barraclough)
Dimitri (Rodney Neston)
Libertango (Pizzolla arr. Leigh Baker)

Result: 4th Place

Whit Friday 2011

Conductor: Timothy Alston

Test Piece: The Cossack (William Rimmer)

Location Position
Delph 24th
Dobcross 51st
Friezland 32nd
Greenacres 37th
Greenfield 58th
Grotton 40th
Lees 44th
Uppermill 46th

UniBrass 2011

Conductor: Timothy Alston

The Cossack (William Rimmer)
Swedish Folk Song (arr. Peter Graham)
12th St. Rag (Euday L Bowman, arr. Jack Peberdy)
David of the White Rock (Dafydd y Gareg Wen, arr. Philip Sparke)
The Incredibles (Michael Giacchino, arr. Philip Sparke)

Result: 12th Place

Whit Friday 2010

Conductor: Darryl Rayner

Test Piece: Castell Coch (T.J. Powell)

Overall result: 47/134
Location Position
Delph 53rd
Diggle 24th
Greenfield 53rd
Grotton 33rd
Lydgate 56th
Scouthead 61st